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What is Suggest a Site Using Yahoo! Express? $299. Annual

Purpose of Yahoo! Express
We established Yahoo! Express as part of a suite of services that Yahoo! has created to service small business needs. Through Yahoo! Express, we can ensure that sites suggested by merchants such as yourself are viewed and evaluated in a timely manner by Yahoo!'s editorial staff. Your payment and participation in Yahoo! Express guarantees that within seven business days a member of Yahoo!'s editorial staff will look at your site and consider it for inclusion in the Yahoo! directory. Please keep in mind that payment does not automatically guarantee inclusion in the directory, site placement, or site commentary. As with all sites suggested to us, final judgement remains solely with Yahoo! editors.

Yahoo! Express Guarantees
All Yahoo! Express submissions will be evaluated within seven business days. You will receive an email response within seven business days, stating whether your entry is accepted or declined. (If your entry is denied, you will be told why.) The Cost of Yahoo! Express Yahoo! Express requires a US$299.00 non-refundable, recurring annual fee per submission, or US$600.00 non-refundable, recurring annual fee for submissions offering adult content and/or services. Yahoo! Express does not guarantee a listing in the Yahoo! directory, nor does it guarantee the type of placement or description that your site will receive if accepted. Please read our Yahoo! Express Terms of Service to review the terms and conditions of Yahoo! Express.

How to qualify
To qualify for Yahoo! Express you must meet and accept all of the following conditions: I have read and agree to be bound by the Yahoo! Express Terms of Service.

I have verified that my site does not already appear in the Yahoo! Directory and I understand that this is not the place to request a change for an existing site.

My site supports multiple browsers and capabilities. (For example, java only sites will not be listed).

My site is in the English language, or has an English-language version available.

I understand that there is no guarantee my site will be added to Yahoo!

I understand that Yahoo! reserves the right to edit and place my site as appropriate.

I understand that if my site is added, it will be treated as any other site in Yahoo! and will receive no special consideration.

I understand that if my site is added, every year thereafter my credit card will be charged the recurring annual fee.

My site must be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No parts of my site are under construction.

All links on the site work.

My site contains substantively unique content that is not already accessible from the Yahoo! Directory. (For example: a user that submits multiple portals to the very same content is not submitting substantively unique content.)