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Webb Submit provides Search Engine Optimization, Positioning, Link Popularity and Submission services for the most visited search engines, directories and Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Placement search engines on the Internet. We also work with our clients in concert with the most popular Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Placement search engines and we offer support with Essential Tools for PPC advertisers along with the latest batch of tricks and secrets to help maximize your use of pay-per-click search engines.

A Search Engine Campaign covers more major search engines.
A search engine campaign will give you results in over 25 of the major search engines, directories and PPCs, and you do not have to pay top dollar for your listing in one search engine that doesn't produce the traffic truly available from the Internet! Web sites are found by matching relevant keywords that are input by the user. Popular search engines/directories like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN, AskJeeves, Excite, HotBot, and LookSmart all have different search processes. The methods they use to read information, in order to match it to keywords, varies significantly.

Overture Verses A Search Engine Campaign
Overture only captures 9.2 % of Internet searches per day! This translate into only 5 million searches a day through Overture's verses 320 million searches per day in all the other major search engines. Click here for details concerning getting started bidding with Overture.

January 2002 - Popularity of Engines and Directories - Overture is only 9.2%

KEY: MSN=MSN, YH=Yahoo, GG=Google, AOL=AOL, AJ=Ask Jeeves, LS=LookSmart, ISP=InfoSpace, OVR=Overture (GoTo), NS=Netscape, AV=AltaVista

The results that each engine returns on a given keyword search, can fluctuate from day to day. Every day billions of people use search engines to find information on products and services needed for their home or business. Most turn to search engines by using keyword or keyword phrases to narrow their searches in these vast databases. These prospects need to find your Web site in order to see it.

Search engines can sometimes return millions of results (sites) to browse through. Typically, the average user will not scan much further than 30 listings (approx. 3 pages) before moving on to the next search engine. That is why search engine ranking is so important.

Why pay for placement?
Listing your site within Overture's, ah-ha's, FindWhat's and other Pay-Per-Clicks, Pay-Per-Placements search results is a way to reach lots of targeted customers. You select the search terms that are relevant to your site, and choose how much to pay per keyword when customers click on your listings. The higher you bid, the higher your site appears in our search results. Your site still has to optimized correctly to keep these listings. Overture always offers you great listings once you sign up, but these listings constantly fluctuate, and sometimes even drop. Paid placement programs do guarantee top listings. In them, if you pay enough, you'll be top ranked for the terms of your choice.

Given this, why would anyone bother with a search engine campaign?
For one thing, paid placement can be expensive. Their fees are not one-time fees, they are monthly! Getting and keeping a top ranking at paid placement search engine like Overture/formerly GoTo.com involves an ongoing expense, because you pay by the click for any traffic you receive. In contrast, a Webb Submit Search Engine Campaign will include basic paid inclusion programs at crawler-based search engines such as Inktomi, who operate on a flat-fee basis.
You pay once, and then you get all the traffic you can eat, so to speak, with our monthly optimizing and submissions along with supporting UNLIMITED KEYWORDS, unlike paying for each keyword.

Keyword Analysis
Search engines and directories use keywords to find relevant web sites. You need to know which keywords and phrases customers are using to find your site. Once these words are discovered, this data can be used to optimize your web site. Since some search engines can take up to 6 months to list your site and others will take only weeks, you'll want to get it right the first time. Keywords can often be changed, but they need to be analyzed to see which ones are pulling Internet traffic, and which ones aren't.

Just because you have paid for your listings, does not mean that you will be listed within all the other major search engines, directories, pay-per-clicks and pay-per-position search engines. Here are current traffic stats on the major search engines.