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I wanted to contact you first for your expertise as we are re-designing our site. It is doing great in the search engines and we have 60,000 unique visitors coming to the site monthly so we wanted to update the site and be sure you guide us so we keep all of our positions we already have.

To: Webb Submit
Subject: Updating the site
Date: 02/16/2009

Kim, I was speaking to a potential client tonight and he said" I googled health club marketing companies and you were first so your the only one that I have called" That makes me very,  very happy. Please do a check by phone for $100.00 as a thank you bonus.

To: Webb Submit
Subject: web
Date: Friday, February 6, 2009 11:11 PM

You are welcome. I put a lot into it and it came out great! The hosting is all set up, the form needs linking and I am tweaking a few of the graphics still. It will be ready to be submitted to the search engines Monday. Kim

Thanks Kim. I can't believe how professional it looks. Much more so than I expected. We can chat Monday. Thanks again and have a good one.

To: Webb Submit
Subject: Designing Site
Date: Friday, September 23, 2006 6:53 PM



We'd prefer to have the red mid-page banner and message eliminated as well on both individual product sites. We might utilize later for another sale when business slows down - good position to be in, eh!.

From: Gary
To: Webb Submit
Subject: Changes
Date: 03/04/05 11:43:46

Better yet we're seeing an increase in sales.
-------------------------- KA
Hi Kas,
Your site is doing great. Google has 36 of your keywords in the Top 30 already in the first 30 days and MSN has 31 Top 30 positions!

To: Webb Submit
Subject: Scosche Positions
Date: 02/24/05

Kim, Thanks for the report. I’ve noticed that our positions are improving and so is our inbound traffic. We quoted 1,306 prospects last month –
a new record for us.

To: Webb Submit
Subject: Your latest Position Report is posted.
Date: 04/21/04


Hi Kim,
I added a new domain name, can you tie it to my web so it will bring even more people to my site. I've been doing very well with the site, I get a lot of interest and lots of replys and my lots sales are going great.
Thanks Dewey

Subject: Search Engines
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 12:08 PM


"WOW!! I couldn't believe the difference, I have had horrible luck with programmers and was very skeptical about paying someone else some of my hard earned money. But I knew I needed to do something so I went ahead tried Webb Submit on the advice of my present programmer. Our business went up 53% in the first 6 weeks after we started getting listed and we increase each and every week since then!!

Thank You Webb Submit!

Sincerely, Brian Vincent-Pres.
Street Concepts Inc.
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 4:24 PM
To: kim@webbsubmit.com



I knew you were good but damn!!!

From: Greg
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Subject: Re: Your 'Hosting' Position Report is complete with 194 Top 30 Positions!!
Date: Saturday, June 29, 2002 11:58 AM


Hi Kim,
My business has increased many times because of you!

From: Brian
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Subject: More Sales
Date: Monday, July 15, 2002 5:14 PM

thanks.. the reports are looking good! We had over 1200 hits yesterday!

From: Scott
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Subject: November's Position Report
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 00:12:19 -0500

I have been searching the Web regarding placement of my site relative to certain "words". I am very pleased with the results and the placement of my site. Can we keep this up? I know that our "campaign" was to last 8 months, can we keep a constant eye on my site to constantly "tweak" the site?
Thanks! Philip

From: Philip
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 4:18 PM

Hi Kim,

Wow -- lots of ranking improvements! How on earth do you get it to improve at Yahoo?


From: Donna K.
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001 9:26 AM

Webb Submit has done it for me! My sight is getting hits like crazy. The cost of your service was long ago paid for with the increase in hits since you started to market my site. I have seen about a 400% increase in visitors to my site which has turned into more business for me! As you know I tried to market my web site on my own. Well, as I soon found out, to do it right you need someone who is an expert at it. Someone who specializes in web site marketing. That of course is not something I have time for myself, so I am so glad I found your services!

Thanks Kim!,
George Knerr

Thanks Kim, another great job!

From: "Donna"
To: "Kim Webb"
Subject: Re: Search Engine Campaign

I have just viewed our first report and the results look very impressive.Please keep up the good work!!

Based upon the results produced, I will be promoting the use of your services to other accounts I have as well.

Thanks once again,

From: "Bruce"
To: Kim@webbsubmit.com
Subject: results report

I went to HotBot yesterday (by the way Kim, nice going-we're #2). Number 3 is a message concerning our EN303 Access Treadmill that was submitted by one of our Dealers.

Thanks, Jeff
Endorphin Inc.

Hi Kim,
First let me commend you on what a fabulous job you are doing. You are really doing all you can to give resale shops in florida great exposure!!! Thank you!!!

Susie Owens, Owner
Twice Upon A Time/
Florida Mall Online

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