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With our experience and exposure to the Internet network, we can share with you our findings to support you in your own Internet experience!

Search Engine Popularity
Audience Reach of the Top 10 Major Engines and Directories

A Search Engine Campaign covers more major search engines.
A search engine campaign will give you results in over 25 of the major search engines, directories and PPCs, and you do not have to pay top dollar for your listing in one search engine that doesn't produce the traffic truly available from the Internet! Click here for more info

Overture Verses A Search Engine Campaign
Overture only captures 9.2 % of Internet searches per day! This translates into only 5 million searches a day through Overture verses 400+million searches per day in all the other major search engines. Click here for more info

Yahoo's Options
What is Suggest a Site Using Yahoo! Express? $299. Annual Fee, What are Sponsor Matches? Click here for more info

International Country Codes List
Listed are all two letter ISO (International Organization for Standardization) country codes and a few historical holdovers from the 1960s (e.g. arpa). Please find your country and match it up with the appropriate code to identify your ISO country code, necessary to prepare your domain name registration. Click here for more info

Disclosure Of Paid Content Within Search Results
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made a landmark recommendation to the search engine industry saying it should improve disclosure of paid content within search results. Click here for more info

Removing Spyware! Useful tools
Removing spyware and adware can be a time-consuming process, fraught with potential disaster as it is possible to accidentally remove files that render your operating system unusable. However, the following software products can help with this process.Click here for more info

Stop Spams! Useful tools
Are you tired of Spam? This is an issue that we deal with on a daily basis. There are useful tools available to you! You can check out the following links for useful tools, important information and simple advice on how to stop Spam. Click here for more info.

FREE Anti-Virus Tools For You!
Do you know if you have a virus on your computer? Try HouseCall, it is free to use and offers great information. HouseCall can only detect viruses already on your system at the time you run your scan. This Free AntiVirus tool, HouseCall has detected some viruses that Norton and McAfee missed and cleaned or repair some they could only quarantine. This is a great tool! Click here for more info

Reverse Buttons Lefties get no respect.
They're second-class citizens in a right-handed world
left-handed users might prefer to reverse their mouse buttons. Click here for more info.

Ban the Beep
The internal PC speaker is capable of creating some of the most annoying sounds known to man.
Disable the beeping with this simple tweak. Click here for more info.

08.15.03 Virus ALERT - VERY IMPORTANT FOR WINDOWS XP/2000 USERS By Carey Holzman
With no warning, my system pops up a dialog that states, "Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service terminated unexpectedly". It generally happens several times a day.

Possible Solution: First, IMMEDIATELY disconnect from the internet! Go to Start/Run and type in: services.msc Scroll down to Remote Procedure Call (RPC)/Recovery/First Failure/Restart the Service. read more...