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  • 85% of all new customer traffic to web sites is from search engine results
  • 95 Million Americans use search engines on a monthly basis
  • Consumers use the "search" feature more than any other application except email
  • Customers coming to your web site via a "search" are more likely to buy, because they are specifically looking for your product or service
FAQ's About Our Local Seo Marketing Plans & Services?


We know what it takes to get great listings, top rankings in Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. But Remember that there are many different ways for people to find you online. Many times our powerful blogs (when we add reviews & blog posts about your business) will show up on the first page. Our plans guarantee you first page listings on Google!

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

1st Month: You will see your many listings moving up in the very first month because we are focused on a category of keywords not just one. Usually you see movement within the first two weeks. Getting indexed by Google and Bing/MSN depend on how often they update their databases each month.

2nd Month: You will see your many listings continually rise if they are not already in the number one position. If they are in the number one position our monthly submissions help establish them as ‘solid’ positions to keep them there. You will have many of the local keywords positioning on the first page already and continue to push more in every week.

3rd month: The 3rd month you will have your keywords on the first page.

 We prefer a 3 month campaign  because it  can take several weeks to  establish those 1st page positions as  well as just being  indexed into several  of the directories since  some of them  are ‘included by  hand/human’.




More Exposure = More Traffic = More Sales

Can Local Customers Find You Online?
Over 80% of U.S. Households Now Use the Internet When Shopping Locally

Local Search Marketing ~ GO LOCAL
Start getting customers through your door today

What Services We Provide:

Keyword Research to target your customers
Local search engine optimization seo
Full web site analysis
Local search engine optimization seo
Edit and update your web site
Local search engine optimization seo
Local Maps optimization Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local
Local search engine optimization seo
Optimize Metatags to create a search engine friendly web site
Local search engine optimization seo
Optimization of content to target your keywords
Local search engine optimization seo
Monthly Submissions to all the Major Search Engines
Local search engine optimization seo
Business Listing in Multiple Directories Locally
Local search engine optimization seo
Monthly analysis and reporting
Local search engine optimization seo
$100 Free Google Credit for Adwords Campaign
Local search engine optimization seo
One Time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee

People are using the web and mobile devices to find local businesses now more than ever!

We offer Local SEO that is cutomized for you!

 Search engine positioning is an integral part of any company’s online  marketing  campaign. Industry statistics verify that the vast majority of  web traffic to a  company’s web site is derived from search engine  results. With thousands of  businesses entering the online marketplace,  the need to stay ahead of the  competition and in front of your customers  is undeniable.

 Search engines often change their parameters, or algorithms which  makes the value  of an ongoing campaign apparent. They all have  different rules (or algorithms).  Content is optimized and re-optimized  based upon new algorithm requirements and  the ranking attained for  each of the client’s optimized search terms. This allows us to  actively  maintain the search engine ranking of your company's web site and  make  the necessary changes required to increase your positioning  within the search  engines. If your existing site is not already equipped  with metatags, we will optimize  your site with them.

 For complete details on how Search Engine Positioning can help to  improve your  company's ranking within the major search engines and  increase qualified web traffic,  contact us via email or call us directly at  727-386-WEBB.